$9.00/lb small 5-lb box = $45 + shipping*


$7/lb for large 30-lb box = $210 + shipping*

-Nonpareil Almonds Only-

​​Raw Organic Unpasteurized
5-lb or 30-lb box

​By law, unpasteurized almonds from California can only be purchased directly from the farmer who grows them -and that's us! Bremner Farms almonds are raw, organic and unpasteurized -just the way nature intended.

* We ship via UPS only. Your particular shipping costs are automatically calculated when you order.

Our certified organic almonds are grown in our family's own orchard here in California and raised without man-made fertilizers or sprays. They are naturally  vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They are truly raw, sproutable, living foods, and always fresh and delicious- and they're Kosher! 

Raw Organic Unpasteurized Almonds
5-lb box or 30-lb box


$10/lb for 5-lb small box = $50 + shipping*


$8/lb for 30-lb big box = $240 + shipping*