Years ago, the Sacramento River ran through our land. These days, the river often floods our orchards. This natural process has created the excellent riverbed soil that sustains our walnut and almond crops.

Blessed with excellent soil and abundant water, we strive to be good stewards of the land. Our entire almond crop is certified organic, and several years ago we erected four 20kW wind generators. More recently, we have installed enough solar power to run our entire walnut processing business.

We can offer our customers naturally healthy, conventionally grown walnuts and raw, unpasteurized, certified organic almonds at the best prices because we grow them for you right here on our family farm.

Jim and Clare Bremner began raising walnuts and almonds in 1951 near Durham, California.  In 1976, Bremner Farms, a family partnership, moved to its current location at the historic Bowers House ten miles southwest of Chico. 

Jim and Bob Bremner, sons of Jim and Clare, now run the family business from the old “cook house”  adjacent to the old brick farmhouse, and 18-year old Jimmy, Jr. plans to carry on the family business someday. 

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We hope you will enjoy the fruits of our labors.